Loading Turiscar Aluguer de veículos


  1. The LESSEE undertakes:

    a)Make use of normal and prudent vehicle, complying with the applicable laws and regulations;

    b) Pay the rent;

    c) Not sublet the vehicle, unless otherwise authorized by TURISCAR;

    d) Not lend, sell, transfer, adapt, transform or modify the vehicle without prior written consent of the TURISCAR;

    e) Pay all tolls, physical or electronic, including all administrative costs.

    f) Warn the TURISCAR, immediately, of any defect or malfunction of the vehicle;

    g) To refrain from, by act or omission, contribute to create in the third conviction that the vehicle and its property;

    h) Advise the TURISCAR, immediately, in the event of seizure, seizure, theft, robbery, requisition, confiscation or any other offense of ownership, possession, or possession of the vehicle; and

    i) Return the vehicle, at the end of the period of hire, with the equipment and respective documents in the state that should derive from its normal use and prudent.

  2. Under penalty of exclusion from the insurance cover and, therefore, considered as unsafe, the LESSEE agrees to not allow the vehicle to be driven by a person or persons other than those identified and accepted by TURISCAR, as stipulated in the contract or any annex or amendments that it forms an integral part.

  1. The LESSEE undertakes also, under penalty of incurring the provisions in the first part of the preceding paragraph, without prejudice to the civil liability for which there is a place, not to use the vehicle or to not allow the same is used for the purposes listed below:

    a) To push or pull any vehicle or trailer and/or any other subject, has wheels or not, unless expressly authorized by the TURISCAR;

    b) For sporting events of any nature, whether official or not;

    c) By a person under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other similar state of disturbance;

    d) For any transportation in violation of the regulations in force, in particular customs or that in any other way is illegal, contrary to the law or to end illegal;

    e) For the transport of passengers or goods in violation of that, on this matter, if it offers the carnet/ Single Vehicle Document of the vehicle and the other legal rules applicable.

  1. The persons authorized to drive the vehicle in accordance with the stipulated in paragraph 1, are subject to and/or condition of being higher than 18 or 21 years, depending on the group to which it belongs to the car, and are holders of valid driving license for at least one year.

  1. The LESSEE is obliged to, outside of the periods of use, have the vehicle properly closed and locked and do not leave in the same documents relating to it without prejudice, in any way, be them always bearer.

  1. It is expressly forbidden to LESSEE sell, mortgage, encumber or in any way, give the vehicle warranty, this contract, the documents, tools or parts and components or the appropriate make use in such a way as to prejudice the TURISCAR.

  1. The LESSEE responds by fines, fines and other penalties that the courts and administrative authorities shall lay down, as a result of the respective processes of Administrative Infractions dog by allegations made against the LESSEE and that this can or should be accused.

  1. Any infringement of the provisions of this article authorizes the TURISCAR to withdraw, in any way, the vehicle to the LESSEE or a third party, without prior notice and without prejudice to the claims that, in accordance with legal or contractual, it is obliged to comply with that or to third parties, if any.

  1. The LESSEE, without prejudice to the provisions laid down in article 13, you can only use the vehicle outside of the geographical area of the Portuguese mainland since that obtain prior authorization in writing (v. g. fax or e-mail) the TURISCAR, with a minimum advance notice of 48 hours, and may the TURISCAR in this case require prior to the provision of an additional guarantee up to a maximum limit of the commercial value of the vehicle or does not authorize the use of the vehicle outside the national territory.