Loading Turiscar Aluguer de veículos


1.1 TURISCAR delivers the vehicle to the LESSEE in good working order and in a good state of cleanliness, with the respective equipment, accessories and documents. The LESSEE undertakes to return it in the same condition as it received it in, at the place and on the date (business hours) stated in the Agreement or the date of its termination, failing which the Agreement shall be deemed to have been breached. The LESSEE must request the correction of the vehicle status report, should he observe anything incorrect in the damage record or fuel level.

1.2 The LESSEE must have in his possession all the legal documents of the vehicle, his valid identification documents, valid driving licence and the hire agreement during the validity thereof, presenting them to the Authorities whenever so requested by the latter.

1.3 TURISCAR is not liable vis-à-vis the LESSEE or any third party for the loss, robbery, theft or material damages to any property left in the vehicle, during and after the hire period.

1.4 If the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date, the LESSEE undertakes to pay TURISCAR, by way of a penalty clause, for each day, whole day or part thereof, an amount calculated based on triple the daily tariff for the rented vehicle, also being subject to TURISCAR setting in motion the civil and/or criminal procedures required to recover the vehicle and compensate the losses suffered, in particular resorting to any appropriate injunction for return of the vehicle.

1.5 If the vehicle is left somewhere different from the place agreed upon, there shall be kilometric compensation or a return surcharge, in accordance with the tariffs in force pertaining to the distance between the place where the vehicle is located and the place of origin.

1.6 The LESSEE is liable for any losses or damages, including the theft or robbery of the vehicle, if it is not returned to TURISCAR under the terms set out in the agreement.

1.7 If the vehicle has defects, damages or dirtiness levels in excess of its prudent and normal use, in particular when it requires from TURISCAR extraordinary, in-depth cleaning of the vehicle exterior/interior, contrary to simple, standard cleaning, the LESSEE shall provide compensation to TURISCAR for the respective cost of its repair and/or extra cleaning.

1.8 The vehicle must be returned to TURISCAR in the condition in which it was in at the time of its delivery. Unauthorised repairs, modifications or interventions are not permitted.