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Our extras

Additional driver
€ 5.54/day
maximum per rental: € 55.35

To drive a Turiscar vehicle your name should be in the rental agreement.

The main driver can suggest another person as authorized to drive the vehicle and both must be present at the rent moment . The presentation of the documentation will be required to the various conductors : (IC , Citizen Card or Passport) as well the driving license.

Isolated breaking glasses ( QIV )
€ 3.01/day
maximum per rental: € 45.20

Prevent small unforeseen events that can cause major disruptions

Hiring this service absolve the driver responsibility for the replacement of the damaged glass (except mirrors glasses and headlights ).

PAI - Personal Accident Insurance

Indemnifies driver and passengers

Assigns compensation to the driver and vehicle passengers (depending on the maximum capacity indicated in DUA) in €15,000.00 in the event of permanent disability or death.

It also includes medical expenses up to € 1,500.00

SCDW - Franchise Cancellation

Without negligence the deductible franchise is zero

This coverage exempt the driver from paying the compulsory excess, due for damages, accident or theft of the rental vehicle, provided negligence is not proven. However not relieve the driver's payment damage caused by negligence inside and on upper and lower parts of the vehicle and tires, since there is no collision. This service is not available for the N group.

One Way
€ 61.50

Collect in a station and deliver in another one

This service allows you to pick up the car on a station and make the return on a different one.

Delivery or Collection
From 18,45 €

Whenever you need to deliver or collect the car outside Turiscar Stations

Vehicles must be returned in the stations where they were rented. Deliveries and collections in different locations are subject to evaluation and payment.

The limits are calculated based on the rental station. Outside the boundaries of the station (in a 30km radius) is charged the exit fee + € 0.55 per km

Out of hours
From € 30.00

You need to deliver the rented car outside the working hours of our stations ?

Talk with our Reservations Center.

This service is subject to availability.

Up to a maximum of 10 days.
GPS device + WIFI + Free calls.
Baby chair
€ 6.15 / day
maximum per rental : € 61.50

This service must be requested at booking time and it is subject to availability.