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5.1. The LESSEE and/or authorised driver of the vehicle are the insured parties in a motor insurance policy that covers limited civil liability up to the maximum amount of €50,000,000.00, in accordance with the laws in force in the country.

5.2. The LESSEE shall protect the interests of TURISCAR and its Insurance Company:

  1. He shall notify the police authorities forthwith about any accident, theft, robbery and/or fire, even if partial, and also undertakes to notify TURISCAR about said situations in no more than 24 hours;

  2. He shall not leave the site of the accident, theft, robbery and/or fire before the arrival of the police authorities, failing which he shall be charged for any ensuing damages in full and the coverage deriving from any deductible reduction service which may have been contracted shall not take any effect in the event of a breach of this clause;

  3. The notification shall state the effective circumstances under which the accident occurred, the date, time, place, name and address of the witnesses, the name and address of the owner and of the driver of the third-party vehicle involved and the registration plate, make, insurance company and policy number of said third-party vehicle.

5.3. The LESSEE may contract the following services, described in more detail at www.turiscar.pt or at the agency:

  1. CDW: this cover partially covers any damages caused by an accident, collision, overturning, theft or fire in which the LESSEE shall be liable for the value of the damages up to the maximum deductible amount, which shall vary according to the vehicle segment;

  2. Super CDW/ICDW/ECDW, inter alia: these covers reduce the liability with regard to the deductible, which shall vary according to the vehicle segment;

  3. PAI: this cover assigns compensation to the driver and passengers of the vehicle (depending on the maximum capacity of the vehicle stated in the DUA), in the event of permanent disability or death for the sum of €15,000. This also includes medical expenses up to €1,500.

5.4. In the event of an accident, even when the DAAA (Amicable Accident Report) is submitted, the Lessee is liable for payment of any damages caused to the vehicle up to the maximum amount of the deductible in force during the Agreement period, unless liability is assumed by third parties.

5.5. Only the LESSEE and/or authorised drivers shall benefit from the deductible reduction services; failure to comply with this provision entails total cancellation of the coverage set out in this article and the provisions of this article shall also be null and void in the event of an accident caused by wilful intent or fraud, negligence, drunkenness, the use of narcotics or a failure by the LESSEE and/or driver to comply with all the general terms of hire and the regulations of the Highway Code and any other applicable legislation; the insurance cover shall also be cancelled if the LESSEE fails to return to TURISCAR the keys of the vehicle in the event of robbery and/or theft.

5.6. In the event of an accident owing to speeding, negligence, driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or the consumption of any product that diminishes driving ability, the LESSEE shall be liable for all the expenses defrayed on repair and compensation pertaining to the time period during which the vehicle is immobilised, even if a deductible reduction has been contracted.

5.7. The insurance and any deductible reduction services do not exempt the LESSEE from payment of any damages caused negligently to the upper, lower and interior parts of the vehicle, provided that there has not been any collision.

5.8. If the LESSEE has deliberately provided TURISCAR with false information, namely with regard to his identity, address, e-mail, phone contact or validity of his driving licence, TURISCAR reserves the right to pass on to the LESSEE any damage resulting from said statements, without prejudice to any criminal liability applicable to the case.