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Article 4 – PAYMENTS

The LESSEE, in addition to the rent, is expressly obliged to pay the TURISCAR as soon as it is requested, namely:

a)    Any value pertaining to security or franchise due by rent, in accordance with the tariff in force at the time of hire;

b)      If the vehicle is left in a location different from that provided for, without the prior consent in writing of the TURISCAR, there would be an allowance or mileage at a rate of return, in accordance with the tariffs in force corresponding to the distance between the place where the vehicle is the place of origin;

c)       The amount corresponding to the duration of the rental and the damage arising from an accident that has given cause or theft and/ or theft that are not covered by insurance, the insurance premiums of the driver and the passengers in the vehicle, if such insurance has been agreed, or to bear any costs of hospitalization and medical care in otherwise or if it exceeds the limits covered by insurance;

d)      All taxes and/or fees payable by virtue of the situations provided for in points (a) and (b);

e)      The amount of the loss of the documents of the car rented, in value of EUR 70.00 (seventy euros), plus IVA at the statutory rate in force;

f)       All judicial and extrajudicial expenses, fines and other penalties, whatever their nature, arising from the breach of any legal rule is attributable to the LESSEE or to the vehicle while in possession of the LESSEE;

j)      All other expenses and costs to achieve the payment of any sums due by LESSEE;

h) The cost of the repair and the damage that has been caused, in particular, by shock, collision, overturning, theft and/or theft of the vehicle and its immobilization. For the purposes of this point it is understood that:

-   On the debits to be carried out shall be used the rates in force at the time of occurrence of the facts;

- There will be no place the responsibility of the LESSEE under this paragraph provided that the vehicle has been used in accordance with all the terms and conditions laid down in the contract and, cumulatively, has hired previously with the TURISCAR payment of insurance fee corresponding to the coverage of risks of collision C. D. W. and SUPER C. D. W. , by affixing their signature or heading in the Contract.