Loading Turiscar Aluguer de veículos


4.1 If the LESSEE detects any technical problem in the vehicle, he must immobilise it immediately and get in touch with TURISCAR or, if outside business hours, the breakdown service.

4.2 The LESSEE shall be liable for any towing expenses, in or outside Portugal, owing to misuse of the vehicle.

4.3 The vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel that it had when it was handed over to the LESSEE. If the latter returns it with a lower level of fuel, he shall be charged for the missing fuel, plus the legal refuelling surcharge permitted by law. In case of electric vehicles, these should be returned with no less than 70% battery charge or the same % battery charge as it had at time of pick-up, otherwise LESSEE will be charged of the respective missing % of the battery charge.

4.4 The Lessee must take all the necessary protection measures to maintain the vehicle in the same condition as that in which it was handed over. Namely, he must carry out regular inspections of the condition of the vehicle in terms of oil, water and tyre pressure.

4.5 If fuel and/or any substance are introduced of a different type from that used by the vehicle, the LESSEE is liable for any expenses inherent in the total substitution of the fuel, the dismantling and washing of the tank, engine tuning and any other damages caused to the vehicle.