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1. The personal data of(s) lessee(s) and/ or driver(s) of the vehicle are to supply required for the conclusion of this Agreement, shall remain in the possession of the TURISCAR physical copies (photocopies) or scanned of identity card/passport, driving license and the taxpayer card (or the citizen's card).

2. The(s) lessee(s) grantor(s) of this contract shall authorize, expressly, the TURISCAR to carry out the processing of the data provided. Authorize, also, specifically, through this contract, the provision by the TURISCAR, any components or entities, their full identification in the event of non-compliance with the rules laid down in the Highway Code and supplementary legislation.

3. The personal data are intended for both the identification of tenants and/or drivers of leased vehicles, whether the inclusion, in the case of non-compliance, by some way, the respective contract, on the basis of customer data breach, or the provision of services, market research, as well as marketing actions of TURISCAR or companies from its business group.

4. The TURISCAR and the entity responsible for automatic processing of personal data within the scope of this contract.

5. Under the terms of Law no. 67/98, of 28 October - Law of Protection of Personal Data - is guaranteed to the issuers, their responsible and/ or users appointed the access to your personal data for the purposes, in particular, their rectification, update or modification.

6. In view of the provisions laid down in Article 6 of Law no. 67/98, of 28 October - Law of protection of personal data - the lessee expressly authorizes that the TURISCAR, in the case of this defaulting the respective contract, in particular because of neglect of driving, use of the vehicle for the purpose of committing crimes, accident with their fault, lack of payment, issuance of dishonored check, deception, use of false identity or another false document, abuse of trust or driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances, communicate the ARAC - Association of Industrial Rental Car without driver, for inclusion in the database of customers offenders and subsequent dissemination by associated companies.