Loading Turiscar Aluguer de veículos


1. The fuels are always per account is the responsibility of the LESSEE that should, also, always check the level of oil and water. Any expenditure with oils should be verifiable documentation proven so as to allow the reimbursement.

2. Billing: the car is delivered fuel attested and must be returned also attested. If the LESSEE does not have this condition, in addition to pay for fuel in lack, acknowledges and agrees to pay the TURISCAR that sum plus a refueling rate according to the rate in force (available for consultation in Turiscar), plus VAT, to cover their expenses.

3. Guarantee provided for in the preceding paragraph, the TURISCAR reserves the right to require the LESSEE a security deposit in accordance with the tariff in force at the time of hire.

4. In the event of introduction of fuel and/ or substance of a different type than the one used by car, the LESSEE is responsible for costs associated with the replacement of the fuel, disassembly and cleaning of the tank, engine tuning and other damage to the car, without right of opposition to their amounts, which here expressly disclaims.