Loading Turiscar Aluguer de veículos


1. The price of the bicycle, the amount of pre-payment and the price of the extension will be determined by the tariffs in force in each moment and paid in advance.

2. In any case, the pre-payment can serve as an extension of the bicycle. For the case of the LESSEE wishes to remain with the vehicle beyond the period originally agreed, the LESSEE is obliged, in writing and in advance, obtain the agreement of the TURISCAR and pay immediately the amount of the rent in course in accordance with the rates in force and the pre-payment of extension agreed and should always carry, while drive with the car, the tabs showing the contract agreement given by Turiscar for the extension of the contract. In the case of not obtaining the prior written consent of TURISCAR, the contract shall terminate at the end of the initial term or its extension. In the case of do not deliver the vehicle immediately, the LESSEE will be obliged to pay, by way of penalty clause, three times the cost of the car rental agreement with the applicable fare, in virtue of this failure.

3. Failure to comply with the provisions in the preceding paragraph also allows the TURISCAR trigger the civil judicial procedures and/ or criminal apply, in particular the use of procedure appropriate precautionary the refund of motor vehicle.

4. The LESSEE is obliged to return the vehicle to the TURISCAR on the date, time and place provided for in this contract under penalty of not doing so, it is considered terminated the contract, applying in this case the scheme of penalty clause referred to in number 2., "in fine", of this clause.