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3.1 The rental price is determined by the rate in force for the respective vehicle category and paid in advance.

3.2 The LESSEE must pay the rental price and any add-ons contracted in advance and, as soon as he is requested, any cost attributable to him for use of the vehicle;

3.3 The TURISCAR’s toll service is mandatory by law and the LESSEE is not allowed to use his/her own device. If the LESSEE uses it, the service and the tolls must be paid. Turiscar is not liable for any payment deriving from a failure to settle within the legal term.

3.4 If the LESSEE wishes to extend the rental, he must obtain the prior agreement of TURISCAR in writing, making advance payment of the rental amounts owed for the agreed extension. If the rental is extended, the LESSEE must always have with him copies of the Agreement setting out the arrangement to extend the latter. If the rental is not extended, the Agreement shall cease at the end of the term still in force and if the LESSEE fails to hand over the vehicle forthwith, the provisions of Clause 1.4 of the present General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

3.5 The LESSEE also undertakes to pay to/secure vis-à-vis TURISCAR, besides the hire price, tolls and tolls’ service:

a) Any amounts pertaining to a bond or deductible owed for the hire, under the terms of the rate in force at the time of hire;

b) Fee due for the loss of vehicle documents;

c) The amount owed for the vehicle refuelling service, whenever the latter is returned, upon termination of hire, with a fuel level lower than that of the delivery date, or the amount due for the recharge of an electric vehicle when it is returned with less than 70% battery charge or less than the same % battery charge as it had at time of pick-up, calculating this amount in proportion to the costs incurred by said refuelling or recharging;

d) Fee of extra cleaning of the vehicle, if necessary;

e) Any court and out-of-court costs, administrative fines, fines and other monetary sanctions, of whatever nature, deriving from a breach of any legal regulation attributable to the LESSEE during the hire period;

f) Administrative costs for identifying the driver to the Authorities;

g) Any expenses and costs incurred by TURISCAR to obtain compliance by the LESSEE with the provisions of the Agreement, namely the collection of any amounts owed by the latter to TURISCAR, under those terms laid down by law;

h) Any damages or repair cost which has occurred owing to a crash, collision, overturning, theft or robbery of the vehicle and its immobilisation, as well as any hospitalisation and medical care costs of the driver and passengers, where applicable, and the liability of the LESSEE, if the vehicle has been used in accordance with the terms set out in the Agreement, may be limited if a deductible reduction service has been contracted beforehand.

3.6. The LESSEE, to ensure compliance with his obligations under the Agreement, shall provide a bond for the amount referred to in the Agreement, in non-digital payment card of his titularity, specifically authorising TURISCAR to debit those amounts owed for all the costs incurred by the hire and related charges. Pre-paid cards are not accepted.

3.7. The bond shall be returned to the LESSEE as soon as the vehicle has been returned to TURISCAR and all the amounts owed by the former have been settled. However, if any amounts are left unsettled (including, additional days of hire, fuel or battery recharge expenses and/or deductible), TURISCAR shall use the bond, wholly or partially, to pay the same, without prejudice to legally claiming the amount still outstanding. If the amounts owed derive from damages, TURISCAR shall notify the LESSEE thereof in advance.

3.8. There is no reimbursement for the early handover of the vehicle.