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SCUT's Payment

Pagamento das SCUTs

Turiscar Vehicles do not have electronic device for automatic payment on highways or other roads with exclusively electronic billing.

So, if you intend to circulate or already circulated on highway or similar with exclusively electronic tolls this information interests you!

- Data for payment are available only 48 hours after your passage and from that moment you have 3 working days to settle the payment

- Post Offices (CTT).
- Online Payment: www.ctt.pt

- By indicating the vehicle registration plate, you should always refer that it's a rentar car and inform date / time of passages (as accurate as possible), otherwise you may be charged of other costs associated with the plate, before or after your rental.
- The entire payment process is the responsability of the driver and charges fully managed by track concessionaire entity.
- For more information please check www.ctt.pt

Turiscar doesn't assume any costs associated with lack of regularization or late/partial settlement of passages in eletronic billing gateways.