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Service Quality Inquiries – 3rd Quarter 2014


Analysis concluded:

- It remains the rentals of institutional clients as the major objective to use Turiscar’ services.
Please note only a slight increase in the items 'Leisure' and 'Business' in August.

- With regard to the performance of the Offices (OUT and IN), the 'Costumer' and 'Speed' service, the results continue to show a very positive level of service, with more than 95% of respondents overall in Very Good and Good.
July revealed the growth trend recorded in the previous month (reaching 99% in ‘Costumer’ - Office in), manifesting itself after a slight decrease in the next two months. This oscillation is directly related to the increased volume of high season months, particularly as regards the 'speed of service'.

- Reservation Center observes the same responses flow about Very Good and Good: July keeps the trend of the previous month in the 'Service' and 'Speed', falling slightly in the following two months (to 95.6% and 94.7% respectively).
We conclude that, as in assessing of the Offices, this reflects the substantial increase in the volume of requests, with the increased number of calls and of leased vehicles. We anticipate further change in the next term, now in a positive direction, as evidenced by the slight increase observed in September.

- With regard to the Quality of vehicles, we watch the continuing trend towards greater appreciation of Very Good and Good, reaching over 90% of respondents.

- Similarly, the issue of Cleaning / Vehicle Conditions keeps satisfaction levels above 94%. This is a very important area in the service we provide: we must have to comply with strict and controlled procedures, either in domestic service or in situations of outsourcing so we are delighted to these results.

This quarter proved to be more optimistic than in the same period of 2013, in all areas under review. So, overall, the service was defined as Very Good and Good by 96.6% of respondents (on average) showing an increase of about 2% over the previous quarter.