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Service Quality Inquiries – 4th Quarter 2014


Analysis concluded:

- The aim of the rental (via institutional clients) and therefore the fact that most drivers do not provide rental history with Turiscar in the last 12 months, remains unchanged.

- In assessing the Offices (Out and In), the last quarter confirms the data collected throughout the year, with the majority of respondents prove to be very satisfied (Options Very Good and Good) with the service provided ( values ​​above 96% in the 'Service' and 94.9% in 'Speed'). We also conclude, on the trend indicated in previous months, that the Office in present values ​​in Very Good and Good above the Office out. In the drop off the time spent by the driver in mandatory procedures is smaller and therefore greater the degree of satisfaction.

- About the Reservation Center, the percentage of positive responses, in assessing the type of 'Customer' grew more than 2% compared to last quarter's results (settling now at 96.5% - on average) . For its part, the 'Speed ​​of service' also revealed a slight improvement (mainly in November, with 95.8% of answers in Very Good and Good);

- With regard to the analysis to the
Quality of vehicles, we found that keeps the positive valuation trend with similar to the previous quarter (about 90% answered Very Good or Good, and to prevail highest percentage weight of Very Good). Still on this subject, and concerning the Cleaning / Vehicle Conditions, in this last quarter over 94.5% users felt that the service was Very Good and Good (slightly higher than the previous quarter and growing throughout the three months).
For 2015 is expected to continue the fleet renewal strategy, so this item will tend to accumulate even higher percentages in the positive categories in the future.

Overall, the service was defined as Very Good and Good for 96.4% of respondents (on average), revealing similar values to the previous quarter (and the item Very Good increasing each month).

In short, the year 2014 showed a very positive assessment of the service provided by Turiscar. Naturally, the process is dynamic, opportunities for improvement exist and each day Turiscar seek to increase appropriate solutions to the needs and feedback of our customers.