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Inquiries Service Quality - 1st Quarter 2013


Analysis of survey results answered the last three months we conclude:

- Within the reasons that led to the need to rent a car in Turiscar, 'Business' and 'Leisure' show in March, the lowest values, in February after having shown a slight growth based mainly in the rental business. 'Sinister' first and 'Roadside Assistance' then are the reasons that accumulate the highest percentage of responses and justify the rent;

- The percentage of loyal customers grew last month under review, referring to 43.5% of respondents;

- Regarding the service provided by stations (Station Exit), the item 'Service' is noted, every month, an increase in the percentages associated with Very Good and Good (97.8%, 98.5% and 99.4 % respectively). On the 'Speed' in service there was a substantial increase in January of the following month (95.6% to 97.1%) and March a similar result to the latter. In Entry Station remained linearity of the responses at the first point (99%, 98.5% and 99.4%, as every month) but a slight fluctuation in the values associated with the second point: February shows the highest percentage of this quarter Medium and Low (3.6%) and the month of March to lower (0.7%, with 99.3% of respondents indicate and Very Good as a response);

- The results of this first Central Reservation of this first quarter on the effectiveness of the 'Customer' proved to be very similar to the end of 2012 (up 96%) but have seen an improvement in the 'Fast Service', albeit with slight differences from month to month (96.6%, 97.3% and 96%);

- On the vehicle, as regards the 'Quality' was noted a slight decrease since December 2012 and with a tendency to remain until the month of March (93.6% to 89%, consecutively). On the other hand, the percentage associated to 'Clean/State' curve presents a more regular results and always above 95.6%.

This last point is crucial for the level of service we provide and satisfaction of our customers and will therefore be the subject of detailed analysis in order to identify possible causes for the decline (albeit slight) the percentage associated with Very Good and Good and proposals for improvement.

Overall, the service provided by Turiscar is classified as Very Good and Good in each of the three months, up 95.6%.

In cumulative terms compared to 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 showed higher percentages on items Very Good and Good in all the above questions. Shows up well, an indicator of evolutionary improvement in the service provided by Turiscar.