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Service Quality Inquiries – 1st Quarter 2015


Analysis concluded:

'Roadside Assistance', 'Sinister' and 'Car Review' holds up as the main reasons that led drivers to use Turiscar’ services.

- Analyzing the service provided by the stations (OUT and IN), particularly on the issues of 'Customer' and 'Speed', the results show satisfaction ratings in Very Good and Good for the majority of respondents, both in delivery as the return of the vehicle.
The level of satisfaction with the 'Costumer Service' exceed 97%. Like in previous months, the service is slightly faster in the station in.

- Reservations Center reveals results in Very Good and Good for over 95% of respondents in terms of 'Customer Service' and 94% in 'Speed' service.
The figures show great linearity in the quarter, with minor changes (0.1% or 0.2%) every month.

- About the Quality of vehicles, and following the observed in the previous quarter, the percentage of respondents who stood in the options Very Good and Good is always above 90%. Considering the high input forecast number of new vehicles in the fleet during the next quarter, it is expected to maintain the upward trend in terms of positioning in the positive valuation categories. Also with regard to Cleaning / Vehicle Conditions, the evolution during these first three months of the year was positive, with a percentage of responses in Very Good and Good ranging between 94.5% and 95.5% over the quarter.

Finally, overall, the service provided by Turiscar is understood as Very Good and Good by 95.6% of respondents (on average) - similar to that seen in the last half of 2014, and revealing a slight increase from January to March.

The results of this quarter show an improvement to the quality level of service and therefore, under continuous improvement, we intend to continue to observe this trend over the next quarter.