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Service Quality Inquiries – 1st Quarter 2014


Analysis concluded :

- The purpose of the rentals remains as major  Sinister ' and ' Roadside Assistance' naturally as a result of our core business focus on institutional aspects;
Only in February we noted a slight increase (not significant ) in rentals during leisure time .

- In the analysis concerning Stations (In and Out) on the issues of the quality of ' Costumer service ' and ' Speed', it appears again that the vast majority of respondents believe that service Very Good or Good on both strands .
In February we noticed a small decrease but with values above 95 % and 93.5 % , respectively for item .

- Regarding Central Reservations in this first quarter :

On the question concerning the ' Costumer Service ' , about being Very Good and Good , we observed an average response of 95.4 % from January to March 2014 ( by comparison, 97.1 % of respondents positioned themselves in these options same period of 2013 and 94.4 % in the same year cumulative );
About ' Fast ' service , the cumulative of this First Quarter represents a position in Very Good and Good of about 95% ( 96.7 % against the same period of 2013) .
This reduction is justified by the absence of a carrier in the plateaux ( between January and March 2014 ). The situation has now been rectified with the strengthening of the team , it is therefore expected that in the next quarter we check an increase in the rate of satisfaction of respondents in these two categories .

- About the Quality of the vehicles , and that the percentage of respondents who ranked this issue as Very Good and Good represents about 84 %, this quarter reveals the downward trend already identified before (-3.5 % to the last quarter of 2013 and -7 % for the same months last year) .
However we are pleased to indicate that the fleet renewal plan by Turiscar for 2014 began in early April , so it is expected that the next quarter will bring a reversal of the results , with the increasing of the percentage associated with these two items of recovery positive.

- At the level of the question Cleanliness / Condition of vehicle data show an average in Very Good Good approximately 93.8 % . ( slightly lower than the same period but similar to the accumulated results of 2013 : 93.5 % )

Finally , overall , the service provided by Turiscar is understood as Very Good and Good for about 94.9 % of respondents , on average.