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Service Quality Inquiries – 4th Quarter 2013


Analysis concluded :

The objective of the rental has not changed : ' Sinister ' and ' Roadside Assistance ' continue to be , respectively , the main reasons why drivers use the services of Turiscar ;
In October we noticed an increase in rentals during leisure time (which went down in the next 2 months ) . The oscillations in this item are directly related to the development of tourism, mainly in Lisbon and Oporto.

- In the analysis of questions relating to the service provided by stations , particularly in relation to ' Customer ' and ' Speed' , there was a significant increase in  responses in Very Good and Good for the quarter under review .
Both at the time of check out the car as the drop off, the results indicate percentages between 96 and 98 % for the first item level and 93 and 97 % in ' Speed' service . The check in time has usually values slightly higher because of the procedure itself that is a bit faster .

- When asked to comment on the Reservation Center, the opinions of respondents alter slightly during the period under review : in the last two months there was a higher concentration of responses in Very Good and Good compared to October (which followed the same line of the previous quarter ) . At the end of the year , about 96 % of respondents were very satisfied with the service of the Reservations Center ' Service ' level and 94 % with ' Speed'.
We point out that the Training Plan for 2014 provides , at the beginning of the year , actions directed to operators of Central Reservations and rececionistas Stations on the themes of public services , to improve skills in this area .

- About the Quality of the fleet , we found that this item showed a less positive development . In fact , and although percentages are always above 80 % in Very Good and Good , we noticed a decrease in the responses of these two options towards Medium.
Considering the Plan for the Fleet Renewal scheduled for 2014 , it is expected that the results obtained in Satisfaction Surveys , in the first half of the year , reveal a reversal.

- At the level of the question Cleanliness / Condition of vehicle data show an average position in Very Good and Good for about 92 % (similar to the results of the third quarter )

Finally , overall , the service provided by Turiscar is understood as Very Good and Good for around 94 % of respondents , on average.

These results are consistent with the purpose of quality of service that Turiscar demand with certainty that continuous improvement should be a constant concern so that the response to the expectations and needs of customers is becoming increasingly assertive and effective .