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Service Quality Inquiries – 2nd Quarter 2013


Analysis concluded :

- The main reasons to pick up a car in Turiscar is ' Roadside Assistance ' and ' Accident' . These items are associated with higher percentages and there are no changes since we started these analyzes .

Comparing with the same period of 2012, the difference in the distribution is only related to the decrease in the weight ' Business' , and further , the ' Leisure' ( in June 2012 the percentage for this reason rental was 7% in 2013 to 2.7% passed ) .

With this we conclude that , in response to the needs and demands of the market, Turiscar focused almost exclusively on what is your primary area of business (Insurance Companies, Road Assistance Companies and Fleet Management Companies) .

- Regarding the service provided by our Offices (Office Out) , the item 'Customer treatment ' noted , each month , an increase in the percentages associated with Very Good and Good and consequent reduction of responses in the categories of valuation opposite ( values associated with Medium and Low are from 5.8% to 4 % and 1.7 % respectively during the this 2nd quarter ) .

This analysis can be extended to ' Service Speed' in service, with the same conclusions : Very Good and Good increases from 91.9 % to 95.3 % and in the opposite direction the sum of Medium and Low was decreased from 8.1 % in April to 4.6% in June .

- In the In Office remained the same type of answers but with an higher satisfaction level: for example, the level of the ' Customer treatment ' increased from 95.1 % to 99.6 % in Very Good and Good and ' Speed' from 92.9 % to 97.6 % over the three months.

- The results of the Reservation Center of this period also show very positive results regarding the effectiveness of the ' Customer treatment ' and 'Service Speed' , with the items of positive appraisal ( Very Good and Good ) to concentrate values always above 91 % . However , from 2012 to 2013 , this period and overall , there were slight variations in particular the percentage associated with the first decrease slightly in favor of the second item. This situation will be analyzed in the next quarter once the values differ from month to month.

- About the Car , with regard to the ' Quality ' there was a change: April followed the downward trend of the responses in Very Good and Good but in May and , even more , in June the percentage associated with them adopted an growing orientation and the decreasing of ‘Middle’ and ‘Lower’. This change seems to reflect more accurate, because it is a crucial point in the relationship with our customers.

On the other hand , the percentage associated to ' Cleanness / State ' of the vehicle, the statistics show a more regular results, always above 93%.

In the end, and in general , the service provided by Turiscar is mostly classified as Very Good and Good, with growing results (that  this quarter ended with 96.8 % in June).